To kick off the new year, I am offering a 4-week customized training program to one Fit Tank subscriber! The winner will be selected through a drawing on February 21, 2018. I would love to create these workouts specifically for you! To be eligible to win, follow my blog ( The names of all followers will be placed in the drawing for a chance to win. Those who both follow and share this post will be entered twice!

About the Prize

If you are the winner, I will reach out after the results are announced to discuss specifics about your fitness goals and current physical condition. Using my knowledge as a Certified Fitness Trainer, I will create a 4-week exercise plan specifically for you. Workouts will be customized based on your unique goals and fitness level. If the winner is a group or organization, you will be asked to select one person to receive the program.

God bless you, and have a wonderful day! 🙂

Lift Smart. Love Hard. Stay Positive.


Please Note

***The winner will be asked about medical conditions prior to receiving their workout plan. Depending on the condition, I may ask you to obtain a clearance from your medical doctor prior to creating the program. Your doctor should be able to provide necessary accommodations that must be considered based on your specific health needs. Please keep in mind that your safety is of utmost importance here at Fit Tank. If you have a medical condition(s) of concern and are unwilling to get a clearance from your doctor, you will become ineligible to win and will forfeit the prize to another community member. Please be advised that the 4-week program focuses solely on workouts and does NOT include a nutrition plan.***

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